Multi-Link’s Line Sharing, Remote Power Control, Wireless POTS Line & Ethernet Extender, Cell Signal Amplifier, and 3G & 4G Cell Gateway equipment help customers cut monthly telecom & service dispatch costs, expedite datacom installation projects, and earn a quick return on investment.

Enterprises, small businesses, and government agencies alike are tasked with reducing costs and operating more efficiently. But managing telecom isn’t only about controlling cost. It’s also about efficiency…making sure you’re doing more with less and making smarter business decisions. We provide a variety of options across several product categories to help customers reach their cost reduction and datacom efficiency goals. With more than 8,000 clients and more than 1,000,000 units deployed Multi-Link has become a trusted equipment provider in multiple industries for over 25 years.

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Phone Line Sharing
Remote Power Control
Wireless Last Mile Connectivity
Cellular M2M Gateways
Cell Signal Amplifiers
Surge Protection
Network TAPs
Phone Line Simulators

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