At an average annual cost of $600 per phone line eliminated, Multi-Link line sharing products have delivered cost reductions reaching millions of dollars per year.

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Telephone Line Sharing Products

When trouble arrives and critical equipment locks up at a remote site hours away, how much does it cost your company? Reboot equipment in minutes, not hours, and save time, labor, and downtime costs!

Remote Power Control Products

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Don’t let “Last Mile” trenching costs bust your Datacom installation budget. Wirelessly extend Ethernet & Phone connections up to 3 miles with the ZipLink!

Wireless Last Mile Connectivity Products

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Intelligent M2M Cellular Gateways provide low cost WWAN routing for cellular IP connectivity. Highly expandable, you can customize a wired or wireless M2M solution on any North American cellular network.

M2M Cellular Gateway Products

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Multi-Link offers “Plug & Play” Cellular Signal Amplifiers for Mobile, Home & Office Building, and M2M applications for 3G & 4G users on all carrier networks. FCC certified for new regulations and technical standards.

Cell Signal Amplifiers

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Welcome to Multi-Link Inc.

Founded in 1987, Multi-Link, Inc. is a USA-based manufacturer dedicated to the development and marketing of high quality datacom equipment, including remote power control, telephone line-sharing, industrial grade POTS line and Ethernet wireless extenders, Cell Gateways, Cell Signal Boosters, Network TAPs, Surge Protectors, and 4G-LTE Cell Datacom Systems. Our products are used by SOHOs to Fortune 500 companies, state and federal government agencies, and industry best VARs & datacom Integrators.

Used in a wide variety of commercial and government applications to improve communications and service efficiencies, Multi-Link customers have achieved millions of dollars in telecommunications and service costs savings, typically with an ROI in less than 90 days.


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Phone Line Cost Savings Calculator

Telephone Line Sharing Devices allow a wide range of telephony equipment to share a single line, thus reducing monthly telecom costs. Use our tool to determine how much you can save with our line sharing products.

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