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ML-CSA 4500
28 September 2017

The ONLY 4G M2M Cell Signal Amplifier you’ll ever need!

The ML-CSA 4500 4G LTE (3G & 2G compatible) M2M Cell Signal Amplifier is a high performance, microprocessor controlled, bidirectional RF amplifier. This amplifier boosts signal in 5 Bands: 700Mhz, 850Mhz, 1900Mhz, and 1700/2100Mhz which covers all North American Carrier frequency bands. The amplifier has an automatic gain and oscillation control system that will automatically adjust the gain and the output power if a signal anomaly occurs. The ML-CSA 4500 is designed to operate as a direct connect unit within a cellular system, for maximum performance in weak signal coverage areas. The input power requirements are positive 8.0 to 32.0 volts DC (negative ground).

ML-CSA 4500 boosts UPLINK cell signal strength by up to 15dB to lock in your connection with cell towers.The ML-CSA 4500 outperforms a high gain yagi antenna 99% of the time in challenged cellular areas. A dependable cell connection is crucial for real time datacom applications, monitoring & control of remote assets.


ML-CSA 4500 4G Cell Signal Amplifier Diagram v.1

ML-CSA 4500 4G Cell Signal Amplifier Diagram


The ML-CSA 4500 Cell Signal Amplifier is superior to other cell amps & hi-gain antennas:
• Works with all North American Carriers
• 4G LTE with 3G & 2G Fall-Back
• 5-Band Signal Amplification
• Patented Passive Bypass Technology
• Patented Auto-gain and Oscillation Control
• Power-over-Coax Capability
• Variable Power Input Range: 8.0 – 32.0 VDC
• Designed Exclusively for Direct Connect M2M Applications
• Plug & Play
• *NOT made for Cell Phones

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