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06 January 2011

A Dedicated Phone Line for Postage Meters is Wasteful

If your business spends more than $50 a month in postage, chances are you are leasing a postage meter and benefit from convenience, reduced expenses, and time savings. Typically, money savings from using a postage meter average around a 20% per month, due largely to the ability to weigh and meter accurately. Authorized providers of postage meters include Pitney-Bowes, Neopost, Data-Pac, FP Mailing Solutions, and Hasler.

Chances are, like us, you are using the market-leader Pitney-Bowes. We employ a MailStation 2 with great results. Recently I had to update postage rates and download postage funds via modem. It only took about 10 minutes to accomplish. Curious about a technical question, I reviewed the user manual for the answer. While I was thumbing through it, I discovered something curious. In a section named Using an Analog Line to Establish Connections, it states Use a dedicated analog phone line if possible (one that is not shared with other devices) to avoid possible issues.” Whoa, now— a $50/month phone line?

Being a manufacturer of line-sharing devices aside, Multi-Link , like all businesses, has to watch every expense. It would be counter-productive for us to save money on postage on one hand, and then just use the savings to pay for an additional phone line used just once a month, or even three months, for 10 minutes at a time! How many other companies can afford to pay that?

Installing the postage meter on a line-sharing device like The Stick would take only minutes, and the barge-in protection feature would keep any other telephony device, say a fax, from interfering during a download—and vice versa. Throughput speed is not diminished, and no PC interface or software upgrades are needed. Just plug and go. Take a look at the simple diagram below.

Hopefully, this will make your office manager very happy. (E)mail us with any questions on this or any other application: marketing(at)multi-link.net