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07 June 2019

A low cost M2M 4G Gateway for low data metering applications

USR3513 M2M 4G Cat1 Cellular Gateway
USR3513 M2M 4G Cat1 Cellular Gateway

Simple, affordable intelligent 4G LTE Gateway that is easy to deploy and manage, with multiple connectivity options — without the high price tag

USR3513 M2M Application
USR3513 M2M Application

Finally… a solution for lower cell data volume applications has arrived! The USR3513 M2M 4G Cat 1 Cellular Gateway provides cost effective LAN-to-WWAN small to medium volume data transfer on all major 4G cellular networks. Lower cost Cat 1 hardware reduces overall costs significantly while lowering the entry barriers to a wide range of M2M solutions making for an easier transition from analog to a long term cellular solution. With an embedded RS-232 serial port, the gateway allows quick implementation for a wide variety of serial-based legacy equipment already out in the field — making it ideal for M2M Serial applications including utility metering, remote maintenance and control, Point-of-Sale, ATMs, & SCADA monitoring.

USR3513 Data Ports
USR3513 Back (with Data Ports)

Customer Benefits

  1. 4G Cat 1 Gateways provide low volume data solutions with lower hardware costs
  2. Stay in front of cellular service obsolescence with a 4G product
  3. Easy to use embedded web interface for simple and fast installation, configuration, and deployment.
  4. Preferred Provider Partners make finding an MVNO simple and easy — even for small businesses!
  5. Cost savings by pooling data packages and tracking data usage.

Package Contents

  • USR Courier M2M 4G LTE CAT 1 Cellular Gateway
  • Two (2) 0db SMA Penta-band Antennas
  • Ethernet Cable
  • US Power Supply
  • Quick Start Guide

Regulatory & Approvals

  • FCC
  • Industry Canada/IC
  • Network: PTCRB Module only
  • RoHS Compliant

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