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21 June 2010

Add Oil Tank Level Detectors without Adding Phone Lines

New restaurant industry applications are always of interest to Multi-Link because of our long-standing, personal relationships with members the restaurant community. Recently we discovered a new cost-cutting system for frying oil management from Restaurant Technologies, Inc. (RTI) that deserves mention. RTI has developed MaxLife™ Total Oil Management System that is being employed by many restaurant businesses and current Multi-Link customers.

MaxLife is an automated solution for storing, handling, and disposal of cooking oil. RTI touts reduced oil consumption and labor costs, enhanced safety, and compatibility with existing fryers. One convenient feature is “telemetry-managed fresh oil deliveries and waste oil pick-ups” which is monitored through dial-up modem installed on-site.

Current Multi-Link customers that have our line-sharing switches (The Stick, ACP) installed are able to immediately benefit from this remote fryer oil monitoring without the hassle of ordering a dedicated phone line from the telephone company. The on-site dial-up modem is simply plugged into an available device port. More importantly, no additional monthly costs for a dedicated phone line are incurred. It is a perfect match of cost-cutting products.

Click here for a demo of MaxLife™ and feel free to send along anymore applications like this for review to marketing@multi-link.net . We love to save money for our customers!