Multi-Link’s cost saving products are utilized in a broad range of applications across a wide range of industries and markets.  Customers ranging from SOHOs to Fortune 500 companies, VARs, and government agencies have substantially increased efficiency in their datacom operations, while dramatically reducing their operating costs. As IT departments have increasingly larger numbers of remote devices requiring remote access, it has become imperative that the information gathering process is efficient and reliable.  Multi-Link products provide “Secure Access Gateways” to any type of dial up equipment, provide a redundant “back up” communications path, while lowering the overall telecom cost of operation.  Review our Application Briefs  for some of the specific uses for Multi-Link products.    

Federal Government – Application Note

Multi-Link has provided many cost saving solutions to US government agencies including the US Marines Corps, DOE, NOAA, USPS, Dept. of the Navy, US Army, and the National Guard.

Multi-Link Reduces Costs for Federal Agencies (PDF)
Multi-Link Government Agency Customer List 2014 (PDF)

Municipalities – Application Note

Multi-Link has provided many cost saving solutions to public entities including State & local municipalities, water treatment facilities, & public safety agencies.

Multi-Link Reduces Costs for State and Local Governments (PDF)
Multi-Link Government Agency Customer List 2014 (PDF)

Restaurant Chain – Application Note

Multi-Link has provided cost saving solutions to many industry leading multi-unit restaurant chains as well as franchise management groups.
Multi-Link Cuts Costs for Restaurant Chains (PDF)
Multi-Link Partial Client List 2014 (PDF)

Wind Power – Application Note

Multi-Link has provided many cost saving management solutions to hundreds of utilities and independent generators.
Multi-Link Generates Savings for Wind Power Utilities (PDF)

Kiosks – Application Note

With Multi-Link’s remote power control equipment, technicians can reboot remote kiosks by using a phone or browser.
Kiosk Owners Cut Service Costs with The Power Stone (PDF)

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