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30 November 2015

Boost connectivity to cellular M2M devices with the ML-CSA 3500 Cell Amplifier

A dependable cell connection is crucial for real time datacom applications, monitoring & control of remote assets— either fixed or mobile.

Cellular M2M applications rely on the ability to transfer data from one device to another. When cellular signal strength is challenged, more than likely data communications are also. However, locations could have adequate cell signal strength, but data communications may be challenged. There are multiple software applications that can determine signal strength in “Field Test Mode”.

RSSI Table

Outside Signal Strength Cell Signal Strength Equipment Needed
-45dB to -65dB Great Signal Strength NO amplification needed
-65dB to -75dB Moderate Signal Strength Antenna might be needed
80dB to -90dB Weak Cell Signal Strength
Slow Data Comms
Amplification Needed
-90dB to -115dB+ Very Challenged Signal Strength
Very Slow / NO Data Comms
Amplification Required

What Is The Field Test Mode Used For?

The most common use of Field Test Mode is to conduct a site survey. The site survey involves taking several accurate readings of the signal strength inside & outside your location/building in order to determine:
Can a cellular M2M device, e.g. security alarm, be installed/utilized at that location?
Will the cellular M2M application require a cellular antenna or signal booster?

What Do The Field Test Mode Numbers Mean?

This numerical value shown in Field Test Mode is known as RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indication) and the unit of measurement of RSSI is the decibel (dB), which is a measure of the power of a signal. The numerical value will be a negative number…either a double or triple digit; i.e. -45 or -115. The lower the number, the better the signal strength…higher the number, worse the signal strength. That negative value number is the cell signal strength at your current location. If your site signal falls in the range of -80dB to -115dB, a cell signal amplifier would be beneficial for your cellular M2M application.

Multi-Link’s ML-CSA 3500 3G Cell Signal Amplifier is an ancillary “Plug & Play” device that connects in-line with any cellular-enabled router, modem, module, or gateway. The ML-CSA 3500 boosts uplink cell signal strength by up to 15dB to lock in your connection with cell towers.

ML-CSA 3500 Cell Signal Amp Connectivity

ML-CSA 3500 Cell Signal Amp Connectivity

Key Benefits
• One model for both Fixed & Mobile cellular M2M applications
• Safeguard features completely eliminate any potential for disruption to the cell network
• “PASSIVE BYPASS” technology keeps cell devices connected in vital applications
• Easily connect cellular M2M devices “in-line” for fast deployment

For questions on the ML-CSA 3500 Cell Signal Amplifier, call us @ 1-800-535-4651 or email: marketing@multi-link.net.

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