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13 July 2010

Coming to a theater near you…a Stick?


Line sharing for projector application

Behind the scenes at your local movie theater, there is a lot going on to maintain a cinema projector. As with most high tech equipment, software updates are needed to optimize performance and remotely calibrate operation settings from time to time. Cinema projectors are no exception to this rule.

However, remote connectivity comes at a cost.  As is evident in other industries, many times broadband access is not a financially viable solution for movie theaters given the upfront equipment cost and monthly service expenses. The dial-up modem is a cheaper alternative but monthly dedicated line costs are a factor to consider, especially with multiple locations. Phone line sharing switches can resolve the monthly costs and allow for secure access to remote equipment, like projectors and digital signage.

A single phone can cost $600/year. Hence, a business (theater) with 50 locations, eliminating one line per location, will save $30,000 per year in telecom costs! That’s a lot of popcorn— hint: LARGE is the best value :). The Stick, or Polnet ACP, is an ideal solution for this application.

Other Remote Media Applications:

Classrooms and Auditoriums
Advertising & Digital Signage
Network Operations Centers (NOCs)
Video Walls
Corporate Conference Rooms
Conference Center Venues