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05 April 2011

Corporate Cost Cutting Starts in the Telecom Department

Hundreds of companies are launching initiatives to reduce the number telephone land lines and the associated cost. Many restaurant and retail store chains have 3 – 6 telephone lines per site.  With broadband connections, this number can be reduced, dramatically reducing overall telecom costs.  The Stick Phone/Fax/Modem switch can help you accomplish this.

  1. 36% of Companies are striving to reduce Telecom expenses.
  2. Average cost of a business phone line is $50/month nationwide.
  3. As IT and data acquisition improves and expands, there is less need for Analog Telephone Lines.
  4. Companies are reducing their number of phones lines at their remote business locations.

However, not all Analog Phone Lines can be eliminated—typically the fax line remains, as well as back up lines for POS/Credit Card Terminals.    Point of Sale Systems generally use broadband connections where available for high-speed payment card processing. However, 75% or more of these systems use analog phone lines as back-up in case of network downtime or equipment malfunction. These back-up phone lines, although seldom or never used, represent recurring monthly expenses for businesses.

The Stick Phone/Fax/ Modem switch allows companies to reduce phone lines by “Sharing” the remaining Analog line(s) with devices that use the telephone line.

  1. The analog line can be used as an “out of band” inbound and outbound communications path for critical information exchanges.
  2. Over 1,000,000 units have been installed by companies with remote locations.
  3. ROI in less than 3 months.

How much can you save?  Try out our cost savings calculator and find out in minutes!