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09 August 2012

Don’t pay a tech to reboot Digital Signage anymore…

With an increasing number of digital signage devices deployed in-band and  out-of-band within network platforms, companies must have reboot solutions using one or both methods—and  Multi-Link  has them. Multi-Link’s remote power controllers help IT personnel improve device uptime, increase problem response time, extend equipment life, and save travel, labor, and energy costs.

The Power Stone and the IP Power Stone 4000 give digital signage providers multiple control options by browser, phone, auto fault detection, & weekly scheduling. Affordable yet invaluable, Multi-Link puts remote networks back in your control.

Powerful Reboot Benefits

Reduce Costly On-Site Service Visits
Reduce Downtime
Control Power Consumption
Instant ROI with One Saved Service Visit

The Power Stone (PST59112)

Remote Reboot - IP Power Stone 4000


Remote Power Control Savings Calculator

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