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USR4500-Rack Mount Kit with Taps
03 January 2018

Fiber TAPs for IT Network Security & Hacker Prevention

The USRobotics 10/1 Gigabit Fiber Taps provide an easy method to rapidly and effectively deploy analysis tools to observe and monitor traffic non-intrusively between two devices on a fiber network.

By design, fiber taps are totally passive, fault-tolerant, and invisible to the network which means they will not affect network performance or integrity and can be trusted for permanent installations on a fiber network. These rock solid devices are
ideal for real-time monitoring and analysis of any traffic between critical network devices such as switches, routers and firewalls and continue to pass errors that aren’t seen using SPAN ports.

Topology independent, the taps can be used for ATM, Gigabit, OC3-OC48, or SONET protocols and are available for both Singlemode and Multimode fiber networks.

USR4516 Fiber Network Tap

USR4516 Fiber Network Tap


USR Inline Fiber TAP diagram

USR Inline Fiber TAP diagram

Monitoring & Analysis
• Captures and delivers a copy of all traffic to any analysis tool, e.g. Wireshark, Snort, etc.
• 100% visibility into the network – including VLAN tags
• View all traffic on both sides of full duplex links
• Reduces degradation of switch performance due to port mirroring
• View Layer 1 and 2 errors such as runts and CRC errors not seen when performing network monitoring using SPAN ports
• Full duplex monitoring
• Best method to measure network link’s performance
• Great for network analysis and troubleshooting, IDS and monitoring applications

Network Stability
• Ideal for 24×7 permanent access – eliminating the need to connect tools each time a link needs to be monitored
• Non-intrusive way to connect a network tool
• Minimize traffic delay
• Fault-tolerant design

Secure & Reliable
• Passive access means no interference of network traffic
• Invisible on the network – no IP address means additional security
• No single point of failure
• Network traffic will continue to pass uninterrupted

Excellent Compatibility
• 50/50 split ratio
• Multimode models support both 1G and 10G
• Singlemode models support both 1G and 10G
• Supports multiple topologies: Gigabit Ethernet, ATM, OC3-48, and SONET

Simple installation
• Plug and play
• No power required
• Connectors on front for easy access and operation
• Comes with convenient built-in rackmount adapter for use with the optional USR4500-RMK 1U 3 unit rack mount.