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18 April 2011

Got an All-in-One? Great, now get rid of the fax line!

It used to be that when a small office/home office worker needed access to a scanner, copier, fax, AND printer it meant four machines competing for space and budget. After all, chances are at some point you will need one or all functions during a typical work day.

Whether you use the term multi-function printer (MFP), all-in-on (AIO), or other nomenclature (multi-function copier, or MFC), printers that do more than just print have some clear advantages over single-function equipment; obviously, they save space and money compared to buying multiple separate machines. And who doesn’t like saving space or money?

Basically, an all-in-one will give you a printer, copier, and scanner in one package. Beyond that, if it’s designed primarily for office use, it will usually work as a standalone fax machine. If this is the case, a fax switch like The Stick will provide further savings. The Stick even can be used for fax software on a PC. The Stick routes incoming faxes based on the CNG tones emitted by the sending fax, irrespective of the equipment attached. The fax detection is automatic and takes only a few seconds to route.

So if you are the proud new owner of an All-in-One, get rid of the fax line and the monthly costs of a dedicated line. You are going to need the extra cash for all that ink you’ll be using. How much ink? Use our handy Cost Saving Calculator for yourself.