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19 July 2017

How to reboot network equipment BEFORE it becomes a problem…

The IP4000 Auto-booter can instantly reboot network equipment, such as a router and a modem, when a network connection is lost. Reduces equipment downtime & improves productivity.

You can’t afford to wait until the next morning to find out a router has been down all night. Downtime is not an option. Truck–rolls are costly. Remote troubleshooting is time consuming. The IP4000 constantly monitors your network for any connectivity loss and automatically reboots one or both connected AC devices.

IP 4000 Power Rebooter in Automatic mode

IP 4000 Power Rebooter in Automatic mode

The primary feature of the IP4000 is continuous auto‐fault detection. The automatic monitoring feature pings up to six IP addresses and, when loss of connectivity is detected, it will automatically reboot network equipment connected to one or both power outlets (typically routers or modems). The Sequential Power Reset feature activates equipment in the correct order for optimal and consistent results. All this activity takes place without “Help Desk” intervention or a expensive service truck roll.

NOTE: A “truck roll” is the need to dispatch a technician in a truck to install, move, or somehow reconfigure an item of equipment or a wire and cable system, or perhaps to respond to a service call or network outage.

Also—Prevention Mode: The IP4000 can also be programmed to reboot network equipment on a regular daily or weekly schedule to prevent untimely lock-ups at problem sites.  Dual outlets, 100-250 VAC, small footprint, and affordable. In fact, so affordable that it can pay for itself with the first saved truck roll.

The IP4000’s small footprint is ideal for bundling in control cabinets or where rack mounting is unavailable or not feasible.

• Saves money by eliminating costly remote site visits
• Reduces equipment downtime
• Improves productivity
• Minimizes power consumption and extends product life
• Pays for itself with just one saved truck roll

Don’t wait for the next problem!

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