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Powertxt Duo with Routers
28 March 2016

Introducing “Powertxt Duo”, Simple & Secure Remote Power Control by SMS messaging!

Powertxt Duo® SMS Power Controller allows quick and easy remote power control of two connected devices through the GSM (mobile) network. Commands are sent via SMS messaging and can be used to control one or both power outlets in tandem or individually. Powertxt Duo will also send instant SMS alerts when on-site power has been lost or restored, so technicians can respond quickly and accordingly — saving labor, money, and downtime.

Powertxt Duo is device/OS agnostic— eliminating any compatibility concerns within a diverse network of equipment, regardless of size and complexity. It requires no on-site cabling, wiring, or network/firewall configuration. It only requires connecting power cords to a power source and the controlled equipment. The running costs are very low as Powertxt Duo only communicates via SMS (text message). The SIM inside will typically cost no more than $12-$15 per year.

Powertxt Duo in Enclosure

Powertxt Duo in Control Enclosure

Powertxt Duo SMS Power Controller is one of the most secure power control solutions on the market. By design, power cables are the ONLY connection from the Powertxt Duo to your equipment. There is no IP connectivity to your network for hackers to exploit. In fact, this complete isolation from your network makes Powertxt Duo a powerful tool to help gain control of remote network assets that have been maliciously compromised.

Key Powertxt Duo Features

  • Remote power control by SMS (text) commands
  • Control one or two devices together or independently
  • No IP network interface = No hacking
  • Easy set up (<5 min); *Requires AT&T SIM card
  • Password protected & only responds to authorized users
  • Instant Power Loss/Restore Notification
  • Works on North American GSM Network (3G) (900/1800MHz or 850/1900Mhz).

Call us at 800-535-4651 or email marketing@multi-link.net for additional info!

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