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01 November 2012

Introducing the ACP Series 2.0!

Over the past few years, our valued customers have provided insightful suggestions regarding the current ACP series, submitting enhancements and features that would make the product better, easier to install, more user friendly, and broaden the application potential. We used this input and have what we now believe is the most secure and versatile call processor available on the market.

We are proud to introduce the new ACP Series 2.0  Out-of-Band Network Switch & Call Router  

(ACP-300, ACP-500, and ACP-900)*!

ACP-500 (5 device ports)
*Available in 3, 5, and 9 device ports


New Features
  • HACKER SHIELD PROTECTION – Programmable Security Access Codes, up to 7 digits per port, protects connected devices from unauthorized access for a robust telephony firewall.
  • LED Status Display – Shows the following: The model of ACP on power up; Device port number in use or being rung; Visual read-back of register value during and after programming (audible tones are still generated for remote administration)
  • Simplified Installation– No longer requires a T4x8 or RJ-31 jack. The new unit uses a standard RJ-11 jack for the line input and for each device port. Also, no over-under splitters for the ACP-9.
  • CID Store and Forward – This option is programmable (ON or OFF). When ON, CID is captured on the incoming ring. Anytime a device port is addressed, CID is sent after the first ring.
  • Assignable EBI (Emergency Barge In) – This option is now programmable (ON or OFF) for ports 1 thru 4. Ideal for VoIP PBX’s, critical IT network equipment, remote site monitoring, & security applications.
  • 12VDC Input – Expands compatibility for industrial communications
  • Mounting brackets are included with all ACP-300, 500, and 900 units.

ACP Series 2.0 Data Sheet

ACP Series 2.0 Application Diagrams

 The ACP Series 2.0 is now shipping. Call 800-535-4651 for pricing.