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The Stick Call Processor
04 September 2018

Multi-Link Cuts Telecom Costs for Municipal Governments

In these difficult economic times, local governments are faced with decreased budgets just when the need for services is increasing. Government agencies must find ways to maintain service levels while keeping costs under control. Multi‐Link, Inc. has provided cost‐saving solutions for thousands of public enterprises, including municipalities, sanitation districts, and public safety agencies.

The Problem
Containing costs is the number one issue facing state and local governments today. Revenues are decreasing while demands for service are increasing. Telecom costs are a significant budget item for many agencies. With the need to support hundreds of fax machines and remote data collection devices, each with its own phone line, costs can quickly add up.
With each additional phone line costing around $50 per month, or $600 per year, this can dramatically affect the cost to operate remote equipment. As new programs come on line monthly expenses skyrocket, even as existing programs come under pressure to reduce telecom costs.

The Solution
Installing The Stick®, a phone line sharing device, wherever multiple phone lines are required can reduce expenses by thousands of dollars. The Stick is a state-of-the art telephone line sharing device that quickly screens and automatically routes all voice, fax (Multi-function copier), and modem calls to the right equipment every time – eliminating the need for costly dedicated phone lines. Many times each location is able to reduce the requirement for two or more phone lines, saving $100‐$150 per month, or more.

The Stick Diagram

The Stick Diagram

One state police agency was able to save thousands of dollars in telephone line charges using The Stick. Daily polling of breathalyzer machines had required a dedicated phone line at each station throughout the state. After The Stick was installed that phone line was eliminated.The reduction of this one line will save around $50/month on the extra line and will result in no degradation of service. The Stick paid for itself within 60 days, and is still generating an R.O.I. for the agency!