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15 October 2010

Multi-Link Generates Savings For Utilities with the ACP 2.0

Multi-Link ACP industrial-grade line sharing switches have been an integral part of substation communications for over 15 years. Thousands of our devices are used by over 100 electric and gas utility companies to provide reliable communications with meters, power quality monitors, and relays.

With greater demand for connectivity to existing and new data reporting devices, more access points are required, which means more strain on budgets. With this unprecedented growth comes the ever increasing need to remotely access the control interfaces of the equipment. Engineers and technicians must be able to access their interfaces from remote operations centers or while on the road in order to assure maximum service availability.

Many utility companies are opting for the POTS line to provide a low cost and reliable means of data acquisition. However, by using the ACP-900, one POTS line can provide access to as many as nine devices making the ACP-900 an average cost of $60 per connection.

To find out how much money you can save, download the Multi-Link cost-savings calculator at www.multi-link.net/Phone-Line-Sharing-Calculator.