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ML-CSA 3500 Cell Signal Amp Passive Bypass
27 May 2016

Multi-Link Introduces a Patented UL Listed M2M Cell Signal Amplifier

Multi-Link Inc., a Kentucky based Telecom/Datacom equipment manufacturer, recently introduced the new ML-CSA 3550 UL Listed Cell Signal Amplifier. Multi-Link’s unique Cell Signal Amplifier connects directly to any M2M enabled cellular application or cellular device and provides up to 15dB gain in UPLINK signal strength.


ML-CSA 3550 UL Listed M2M Cell Signal Amplifier

ML-CSA 3550 UL Listed Cell Signal Amplifier

“Many companies have remote sites which require reliable cellular connections for their network connections and polling operations.  Sites on the “edge” of network cellular coverage are many times are out of touch with their information center, or the signal is too weak to provide complete and accurate data.  The ML-CSA 3550 UL corrects this,” said Larry Anderson, president of Multi-Link.

“We noticed an increase in demand for devices that enhance the performance of cellular modems for data exchanges and collection” stated Scott Shelton, Multi-Link director of marketing. “We’re especially excited for our the UL 1610 certification as it pertains to the security industry.  “This certification provides companies requiring the use of Central Monitoring Stations another level of confidence in the reliability of their cellular connected equipment.”

Some notable features for the ML-CSA 3550 UL are a simplified “in-line” installation, patented Passive Bypass Technology which allows the cellular device to stay connected if the amplifier loses power, patented Auto Gain & Oscillation Control to meet new FCC requirements for signal interference, and a variable power input range of +9.5 to 29.0 VDC to meet a wide range of applications, both fixed and mobile.

In addition, benefits of using the ML-CSA 3550 UL Listed Cell Signal Amplifier include:

  • Significant reduction in event tickets, tech support & field-service visits for system connectivity issues; loss of signal strength & data comms.
  • Significant reduction in installation time & equipment costs. The ML-CSA 3550 UL connects directly to alarm panels or communicators, so there’s no need for long cable runs or a high gain antenna.
  • Significant increase in customer satisfaction, market penetration & subscription add-ons.

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