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26 March 2015

Multi-Link Replacement Products for Command Communications

If you have used obsolete Comshare line sharing devices (fax switches) and are looking to replace or upgrade those units, then Multi-Link is the right place to source direct substitutes.

Command Communications was a private company that manufactured telephone line sharing devices and on-premise paging systems from the 1980’s until closing in 2011. Popular phone line sharing models were the CS 3.0, CS 5500, CS 7500, ASAP DR 401, and ASAP 104. These were the last models made and they are obviously no longer supported.

We have helped many Command Communications customers transition seamslessly to Multi-Link line sharing units over the last few years, all with success! In most cases, customers are happy to achieve an increase in product performance. Please refer to the chart below for a quick reference to help in deciding what unit is right for you when replacing Comshare units with Multi-Link units:

Reference Chart: Multi-Link Replacement Products for Command Communications
Obsolete Command Product Multi-Link Functional Equivalent
CS 3.0 The Stick (STK29112)
CS 5500 The Stick or ACP-300
CS 7500 ACP-500
ASAP DR 401 SR-3
ASAP 104 ACP-500

We will gladly assist you in choosing the best product and feature set for your application. Reach out to us by phone, 800-535-4651, or email sales@multi-link.net with any questions!

Multi-Link LineSharing Savings Chart

Multi-Link Line Sharing Savings Chart