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15 January 2020

Need a Cell Signal Booster? Here’s what you need to know…

First things first. You MUST have a cell signal for ANY cell booster to work for you! So bad news if your cell signal strength is -96dB or higher. We can’t help you and nobody else can either. For a cell booster to work at its best, the optimal target range for an incoming signal is between -45dB to -95dB. The closer the signal is to 0 dB, the stronger the signal. For example -75 dB is a stronger signal than -85 dBm. If your signal is less than -45dB, congratulations!

Cell Signal Strength chart
Cell Signal Strength chart

It is recommended that a site survey be completed in advance of using a booster solution. The objective of a site survey is to pinpoint the best placement for the external (donor) antenna, identify what type of external and internal antenna is needed, and to determine the correct booster for the location. Use a specialized smartphone app or, for professionals, the RF Signal Meter (link) to record signal strength on floor plan both inside and outside on ALL sides of building.

Choosing External Antennas: Omni vs. Yagi

Booster Kits with Omni (360 degree beam-width) external antennas are best used used when the outside signal strength is -85 dBm or stronger. Omni antennas are primarily used in multi-carrier applications and offer a 3-4 dB gain.

Booster Kits with YAGI (60 degree beam-width) external antennas are best used when the outside signal strength is -86 dBm or weaker. Best when used in low outside signal or preferred carrier applications. You can expect an aprrox. 10dB gain in signal strength. Preferably, this is the best choice if you know where the closest donor tower is for the cell carrier you use.

External Antennas

Choosing Internal Antennas: Omni vs. Panel

Booster Kits with an Omni dome (360 degree beam-width) internal antenna are best used in open spaces. Mount on a ceiling in a central location where increased coverage is desired. 2-5 dB gain.

Booster Kits with a Panel (70 degree beam-width) internal antenna are best used for long hallways or corridors and when signal needs to penetrate walls. Mount on a wall facing the direction where increased coverage is desired. 7-10 dB gain.

The potential for cell signals to penetrate walls depends on the strength of incoming (donor) signal to the booster and the construction material of the walls. Low eGlass, metal, and concrete are the worst offenders.

One vs. Multiple Internal Antennas

Booster kits with multiple indoor antennas are best used to increase coverage on multiple floor levels, expansive single story and/or densly constructed buidlings. i.e. internal concrete walls.

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