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24 October 2018

NEW! Customize your own Cell Datacom System for SCADA & Metering

For decades, in order for power utilities to read remote revenue and substation meters, a patchwork of various communication protocols has been implemented. For example, a single cooperative might have to utilize a hodge-podge network of powerline, microwave, phone line, fiber, and cellular communications. Once a remote site is accessible by whatever means, more connectivity options are employed to talk to revenue meters, relays, power monitors, quality meters, and SCADA devices. The physical datacom connectivity is typically a mix of RS-232, RS-485, Ethernet, and/or WiFi.

With the legacy PSTN being abandoned by the Telcos, cellular networks have become more prevalent, secure, and dependable. As such, utilities have come to rely more and more on cellular for metering transmissions. However, a common problem is how to get access to BOTH new and legacy equipment at the same site using a single cellular pathway. The ML-4G LTE Cell Datacom System solves this problem and offers built-in flexibility for future expansions.

Designed for any type of M2M cell data collection and remote site equipment access, the ML-4G LTE CDS is a highly customizable communications system featuring a high speed 4G LTE gateway that is certified on all major US cellular networks. Improves reliability for cell communications and future proofs for later expansion needs. Supports both types of data retreival: 1) System initiated reads (On-demand) and, 2) Meter initiated reads (Scheduled).

The standard single 10/100 Mbps Ethernet port can be expanded to a combination of four Ethernet ports (PoE or non-PoE), RS-232 & RS-485 Serial ports, and even Wi-Fi so that multiple connectivity requirements can be satisfied.The diagram below shows expanded Ethernet connectivity to five Ethernet substation devices. A Power-over-Ethernet option is also available and can be installed if IP cameras are on site. A slot for WiFi is also available for wireless connectivity.

Cell datacom system

For serial device connectivity, the Ethernet card can be replaced with a basic RS-232 card or the industrial serial card that features both RS-232 AND RS-485 connections. The diagram below shows WiFi and Industrial serial expansion cards on the 4G cell gateway. The smart gateway is meter agnostic and supports both types of data retreival: on demand, system initiated reads and scheduled, meter initiated reads.

Cell datacom system

Additional system configurations are available to enhance optimal performance. M2M cell signal amplification can be useful in poor signal environments. A two outlet AC rebooter can be included to give network personnel more control over connected equipment, to automatically reboot on a daily schedule, or when a network fault is detected. Lastly, a 12VDC battery backup can be added. Multiple customized battery options are available dependent on application requirements, output voltage, and reserve capacity.

All cell datacom system components & electrical power is housed in an industrial grade 10”x 8”x 6” high impact polycarbonate hinged enclosure with integrated locking latch and mounting flange. This NEMA 4 cabinet is rated for indoor or outdoor installations. An external 9.5” full band omni directional antenna is included. All components are covered under a two year warranty.

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