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09 December 2019

New! USR5686G-PRO Lite Modem replaces USR3453C Courier Modem

If you are looking for the USR3453C for mission critical dial-up connectivity for POS and other business applications, please note that it has been discontinued. The direct replacement is the USR5686G-PRO Courier Lite 56K* Business Modem. The USR5686G-PRO Courier® Lite 56K* Business Modem combines business-class performance and reliability of a controller-based modem and powerful security features for reliable communications. Machine to Machine data transport, remote access, and fax functionality work smoothly even over the worst lines. V.22 advantages offer quicker 1200 bps connections for small data transfers, ideal for POS systems.


Out-of-Band Management
USR5686G modems are invaluable for applications where out-of-band access is required. Providing a secure level of redundancy and connectivity in the event of a LAN/WAN system failure, the USR5686G allows technicians to bypass the failed systems and use a telephone link to reach network infrastructure to diagnose and repair the failure. The multi-layered security features of the Courier modem also prevent unauthorized access to the remote network. (See also ACP Series 2.0 for additional security)