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14 January 2011

New version of The Power Stone is now in production

Multi-Link is rolling out its latest version of  The Power Stone, the popular phone activated remote AC power controller.

“The Power Stone allows you to control power to equipment with just a phone call. This eliminates costly, remote site service calls for locked up equipment. The Power Stone is a telephone activated remote AC power controller and can perform a variety of functions relating to the supply of 120VAC power to any connected equipment. It enables the user to power up, power down, or reboot remote equipment through a single phone line — automatically or manually — and does not need a dedicated phone line to operate. It can be installed on an existing line at the remote site.”

UPDATE: Basic functions of automatic and manual power reboot, power on call, and on/off toggling remain the same as the previous version. Changes have been made to default settings relating to rings-to trip, and the number of rings at which Power Stone will perform an AUTOMATIC OPERATION. The changes were made to accommodate the request of many users who were primarily using cell phones to control power to remote sites.

The new settings will apply only to Power Stone units with serial numbers starting at #27819 and greater. Refer to The Power Stone manual v.8 below:

All serial #’s below 27819 will continue to reference the original Power Stone manual. Refer to The Power Stone manual v.1 below:

Power Stone Manual v.1

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