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15 June 2010

POS back-up phone lines are a must, the monthly costs are not!

Today’s Point of Sale Systems do much more than the plain old cash registers we have known in the past. Instead of a simple machine ringing sales and storing cash, the more sophisticated POS Systems can take customer orders, execute credit card transactions, track inventory, order supplies, manage employee attendance, implement customer loyalty programs, and much more. Further customization options make POS Systems essential for countless businesses including:

o Department and retail store chains
o Foodservice (QSR’s, Fast food, Fine dining)
o Convenience and grocery stores
o Apparel
o Sporting goods
o Hardware
o Automotive parts
o Furniture

Point of Sale Systems generally use broadband connections where available for high-speed payment card processing. However, 75% or more of these systems use analog phone lines as back-up in case of network downtime or equipment malfunction. These back-up phone lines, although seldom or never used, represent recurring monthly expenses for businesses. Think of it as “insurance”, a back-up communications path is vital but expensive.

Multi-Link can help companies avoid this monthly cost with The Stick line-sharing switch. The Stick is a cost-saving and powerful device that enables phone, fax, POS, and modems to share ONE telephone line. Simply install on an existing phone line and connect the POS modem to The Stick. By sharing a line with multiple devices, The Stick removes the need for multiple costly telephone lines and results in a fast return on investment. As an example, one restaurant operator with 43 locations is now saving $51,600/year. A 3-month R.O.I. is typical.

How much can you save? Try our free Cost Savings Calculator. With this tool, you can insert your actual phone line costs today and the number of locations you operate. The calculation will provide your projected savings through phone line consolidation. Also, view Multi-Link POS Application Brief on SlideShare.