Cellular M2M Gateways

Cellular M2M Gateways

Multi-carrier approved M2M platform that delivers device connectivity, security and processing power
for global M2M applications. Select a M2M Cellular Gateway model with expansion cards and accessories to suit your needs and start connecting things to the cloud.

The base 3G & 4G LTE units feature Serial-to-WWAN, LAN-to-WWAN, and GPS interfaces, advanced error detection, and repair watchdogs. When a component or software process loses connectivity, the device automatically resets or repowers itself. You can also schedule the device to reset at specific intervals to ensure daily, error-free operation.

Finally, the M2M Gateways can be monitored and provisioned remotely, which vastly reduces time on site, and enables firmware updates and new software features to be deployed quickly and efficiently.

USR3510 Gateway- Datacenter Modified

• Utility Smart Grid/Substation metering
• Environmental/Weather Station monitoring
• PV/Solar Panel Metering
• Fixed Line Ethernet Failover
• WiFi Portal
• ATM’s/Kiosks
• Traffic Control
• Point of Sale Systems
• Fuel Level monitoring
• Oil & Gas Wells
• Home Healthcare
• Security/Video Surveillance
• Agriculture-Irrigation control
• Asset Monitoring & Control

Looking for cell signal amps? We have those, too!

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  • 4-Port Ethernet Card (With PoE)

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  • CloudGate- 4-Port Ethernet Card (Without PoE)

    4-Port Ethernet Card (Without PoE)

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  • Cloudgate 4G LTE M2M Gateway

    CloudGate 4G LTE M2M Gateway with Ethernet

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  • CloudGate-Industrial Serial Expansion Card

    Industrial Serial Card

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  • Sale! RF Signal METER with Antenna

    RF Signal Meter

    $399.00 $299.00
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  • CloudGate Serial Expansion card

    Serial Card

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  • Sale! USR3510 3G Cellular Gateway

    USR3510 | M2M 3G Cellular Gateway with GPS

    $385.00 $365.00
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  • USR3520 Modemulator & Cell Gateway

    USR3520 | Courier Modemulator & 3G Cellular Gateway

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  • CloudGate-WLAN Expansion Card

    WLAN Card

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