Line Sharing

Line Sharing

Multi-Link’s phone line sharing and network support equipment allows customers to consolidate various devices onto a single telephone line, reducing the number of lines needed to support the business and the related monthly phone line subscription costs. Any telephony device — phone, fax, or modem — that is required but is not used often enough to justify a recurring monthly expense is a prime candidate for phone line sharing.
Multi-Link’s line sharing products are compatible with nearly all of today’s current telephony services including POTS, VoIP ATA’s, Voice over Fiber, and cable phone companies.

ACP-500 Basic Application v.11

        Line Sharing Basic Installation (ACP-500 shown)

At an average yearly cost of $600 per phone line subscription, Multi-Link’s line sharing products have delivered cost reductions reaching millions of dollars per year.

For multi-unit business operations, this cost savings can be even more substantial!

Phone Line Cost Savings Calculator

See how much you can save with our Multi-Link Cost Savings Calculator ~ Phone Line Sharing.

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