Remote Power Control

Remote Power Control

You can’t afford to wait until the next morning to find out a router has been down all night. Downtime is not an option. Truck rolls are expensive. Paying field support techs just to power cycle remote equipment is costly and time consuming.

With an increasing number of remote devices deployed within wide area networks, companies need affordable, user-friendly reboot solutions.

Multi-Link’s remote power controllers help IT administrators improve device uptime, decrease problem response time, extend equipment life, and save travel, labor, & fuel costs. The Power Stone and IP Power Stone 4000 give IT departments multiple control options by internet browser, phone, auto fault detection, and daily event scheduling. Affordable yet invaluable, Multi-Link puts remote networks back in your control!

The Power Stone | Phone Activated Remote Power Controller The original remote rebooter, The Power Stone allows you to control power to equipment with just a phone call.

IP Power Stone 4000 | Two Outlet Remote AC-Power Controller Dual outlets can be controlled by web browser and other multiple options. The IP4000 can instantly reboot a router and a modem when a network connection is lost.

USR4204 | Console Server & Power Switch provides remote access for up to 4 console ports and control of up to 2 power outlets (100-250 VAC) over a single modem connection. Quickly reboot or configure routers, servers, and firewalls from remote locations when the network goes down or when Out-of-Band access is the only communication option available.

NEW! Powertxt Duo SMS Power Controller. Simple & Secure Remote Power Control by SMS Messaging. Control two devices–together or separately– over North American GSM network. No network access or IP address required = Hacker proof!

Powerful Benefits
Eliminate Costly On-Site Visits – Reboot remote equipment as first step in troubleshooting
Reduce Downtime – Restore/Reset power to remote devices in minutes instead of hours
Control Power Consumption – Save energy by turning equipment off when not in use
Instant R.O.I. – Pays for itself with one saved service visit

Remote Power Control Cost Savings Calculator

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