4-Port Ethernet Card (Without PoE)

4-Port Ethernet Card (Without PoE)


4-port Ethernet expansion card (Non-PoE) for 4G LTE and 3G cellular gateways. Torx T6 screwdriver required for installation.

• RJ-45 receptacle tab on top
• 4-port 10/100 Base-T
• One uSD card connector available
• Auto-MDIX

4-Port Ethernet Card  (Without PoE) Diagram

Ethernet Pinout Diagram


Yellow LED:

  • Active when operating speed is 100Mbps
  • Inactive when operating speed is 10Mbps or when not connected

Green LED:

  • Active when valid link is detected
  • Blinks when activity is detected
  • Inactive when not connected

IMPORTANT: The auto-MDIX feature is always activated. This feature automatically detects the required cable connection type (straight or crossed), and configures the connection appropriately, removing the need for crossover cables. In order for auto-MDIX to work correctly, auto-negotiation (auto speed and auto duplex) must be enabled on both sides of the link. Note that auto negotiation is always active.


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