Industrial Serial Card

Industrial Serial Card


Industrial serial expansion card for 4G LTE and 3G cellular gateways. Torx T6 screwdriver required for installation.

• One RS-232 serial port, 921.6K baud maximum speed
• One 22KV isolated RS-485 serial port, 921.6K baud maximum speed; Full duplex or half duplex, 2 wire or 4 wire. Switchable termination.


  • One RS-232 serial port, 921.6K baud maximum speed
  • The RS232 interface on the industrial serial card is identical to the one on the basic serial card.


  • One 22 KV isolated RS-485 serial port, 921.6 Kbaud maximum speed
  • Connector: Examples of the connector you should use are:
    • Phoenix (MC 1,5/5ST-3,81)
    • Würth (691361300005)
  • Termination switch: With this switch you can choose to terminate the RS485 network with a 120 Ohm resistor
  • Wire selection: This switch allows you to use a 4 wire network or a 2 wire network

In a 2 wire network:

RS485-2 wire diagram


In a 4 wire network:

RS485-4 wire diagram



Note: By default the TX and RX of the RS485 connection are disabled. Enable them before using the RS485 port. (You can enable this by using the DE and RE signals).
For a 2 wire interface (=half duplex) enable only one direction at the same time.