USR3510 | M2M 3G Cellular Gateway with GPS


USR3510 | M2M 3G Cellular Gateway with GPS

$385.00 $365.00

USRobotics Courier® M2M 3G Cellular Gateway (PTCRB Approved, CDMA/EV-DO/GSM/GPRS/EDGE/HSPA+ Speeds)
(Base Model pictured)

The cost-effective USR3510 M2M 3G Cellular Gateway with embedded Ethernet, Serial, and GPS is certified for all major GSM and CDMA 3G cellular networks. Advanced features include persistent connectivity, an automatic provisioning system, and an open architecture for easy customization.

• Simple and fast installation with custom settings for each device
• User friendly GUI (Graphical User Interface) for configuring SIMs, firewalls, and port filtering

• RS-232 Serial interface for easy communication with console ports, ATMs, digital signage, and utility revenue meters
• 10/100 RJ45 Ethernet to connect to LANs, ATMs, POS systems, IP Video cameras
• Two expansion slots for adding cards: WiFi; Industrial serial card; 4-port Ethernet

Package Contents
• USRobotics Courier M2M 3G Cellular Gateway
• Two (2) 2db SMA Penta-band Antennas
• North American AC Power Supply
• Quick Start Guide

(Does not include SIM card)

Product Description

The USR3510 Courier® M2M 3G Cellular Gateway provides LAN to WWAN routing and GPS functionality in a single device certified on all major 3G cellular networks (PTCRB Carrier Approved, CDMA/EV-DO/GSM/GPRS/EDGE/HSPA+ Speeds). An embedded serial port allows quick implementation for a wide variety of serial based systems already out in the field making it ideal for M2M Serial applications including M2M remote maintenance and control, Point of Sale, revenue meter reading, monitoring, and automation.

The USR3510 3G Cellular Gateway is simple to configure locally or remotely from your PC, tablet or smartphone with the cloud based GUI allowing fast implementation — significantly reducing customer costs and lowering the entry barriers to a wide range of M2M solutions and a manageable transition from analog to cellular connectivity. Advanced features include persistent connectivity, an automatic provisioning system, and an open architecture for easy customization.

USR3510 3G Cellular Gateway Application Diagram

USR3510 3G Cellular Gateway Application Diagram

Flexible and cost effective to integrate and deploy
The USR3510 M2M Cellular Gateway provides unique flexibility that allows customers and system integrators to tailor the product to their solution or even site specific requirements. USR3510 incorporates two hardware expansion slots that allow the unit to be enhanced with additional radio and/or wired connectivity interfaces. The expansion cards are simple and quick to install, allowing the field upgrade of the device when new functionality is required.

The base USR3510 design features Serial-to-WWAN, LAN-to-WWAN, and GPS interfaces, advanced error detection, and repair watchdogs. When a component or software process loses connectivity, the device automatically resets or re-powers itself. You can also schedule the device to reset at specific intervals to ensure daily, error-free operation.
Finally, the device can be monitored and provisioned remotely, which vastly reduces the technician time on site, and enables firmware updates and new software features to be deployed quickly and efficiently.

• Industry Canada/IC
• Network: PTCRB
• RoHS Compliant

Carrier Approvals: AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, US Cellular, Aeris,T-Mobile, Bell Mobility,Telus


Key Benefits

Key Features


Key Benefits
• The most cost-effective 3G Cellular Gateway with embedded serial and dual carrier support available
• One device for multiple carriers
• Easily switch between GSM and CDMA carriers in just seconds
• Highly expandable for customized M2M applications
• Web-based GUI for simple and fast installation, configuration, and deployment

Key Features

• Rugged aluminum cabinet
• Field deployable on-site configuration
• Seven 3-color LEDs for system status and signal strength
• Two Expansion Bays for optimal on-site customization
• “Connection Watchdog” automatically pings IP address at regular intervals
• Certification- FCC, IC, PTCRB, IFETEL
• Compliance- RoHS, Reach

• Environmental/Weather Station monitoring
• ATM’s/Kiosks
• Traffic Control
• Utility Smart Grid/Substation metering
• Fuel Level monitoring
• Oil & Gas Wells
• Home Healthcare
• Security/Video Surveillance
• Agriculture-Irrigation control
• Asset Monitoring & Control

Download USR3510 M2M 3G Gateway Data Sheet (PDF)

Download USR3510 Quick Start Guide (PDF)

Download USR3510 User Manual (PDF)

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