HyperXtender Ethernet Extender Kit

HyperXtender Ethernet Extender Kit


The Netsys HyperXtender ER Ethernet Extender Kit can be used to connect any Ethernet based device anytime the length of a network connection exceeds the 328 feet (100m) distance limitation or when installing network cabling is impractical or cost prohibitive. Deploy for distances up to 10,000 feet.

Product Kit Contents

    • 2 x HyperXtender ER Units (NV-202E)
    • 1 x User Manual Download Hyperlink
    • 8 x Plastic Feet
    • 2 x AC to DC Power Adapter
    • 2 x Straight-through Ethernet Cables
    • 2 x RJ-11 Cables

Product Description

The Netsys HyperXtender ER Ethernet Extender Kit (NV-202EKIT) includes everything needed to quickly deploy one high-speed point-to-point Ethernet extender over long distances and is great for delivering video, data, and voice services and connecting remotely located wireless access points and other network devices, satellite buildings, and back-haul applications to name a few. The HyperXtender Ethernet Extenders can utilize existing phone lines or any network-grade twisted pair cable and only require one (1) twisted pair (2 wires) to operate. The Ethernet HyperXtender ER Solution saves you time and money by eliminating expense and hassle of fiber cable and equipment, leased line, and other data line services.

The HyperXtender ER Ethernet Extenders (NV-202E) come ready to plug and play out of the box for distances up to 10,000 feet (3 km) at an auto-configured bandwidth of 5.04Mbps downstream and 1.48Mbps upstream, or line speeds up to 100Mbps symmetrical at distances up to 1,000 feet (0.3 km), which is more than perfect for most applications. The bandwidth usage is automatically optimized to achieve the best speeds possible based on the surrounding environment, and there is no configuration required. The HyperXtender ER Ethernet Extender Solution also features the ability to extend telephone (POTS/ISDN/PBX) service over the same 2 wires by utilizing external filters (sold separately).


  • Plug and play kit for one cost-effective point-to-point Ethernet extension up to 10,000 feet (3 km) over existing phone lines or network cable
  • Ideal for remotely located Wireless Access Points
  • RJ-11/Terminal Block combo for Line port.
  • Supports high bandwidth up to 100Mbps symmetrical
  • Supports long reach mode up to 10,000 feet (3 km) with 24 gauge twisted-pair phone wire
  • Supports auto speed for Line port and Interleave mode selectable through CO side DIP switch
  • DIP switch for selecting CO and CPE modes
  • Supports long packet size up to 1536 bytes
  • Built-In Surge protection

Download NV-202EKIT Data Sheet