AS-26 Bi-Directional Phone Line Simulator


AS-26 Bi-Directional Phone Line Simulator

$175.00 $159.00

High quality, Bi-Directional Phone Line Simulator

  • Adjustable Dial Tone
  • Bi-Directional Audio Jack
  • Portable
  • 1 year warranty

Product Description

The AS-26 was developed to meet the rising need for a Bi-directional Telephone Line Simulator. The AS-26 will allow either Telecommunication Device to “RING UP” the other. The AS-26 provides a simulated RING BACK signal, to the Telecommunication Device that initiates the call, during each ring to the other Telecommunication Device. The AS-26 has an adjustable DIAL TONE option, that allows you to select from no dial tone to a maximum of six seconds of dial tone, before the unit rings up the other Telecommunication Device. The AS-26 also provides you with a Bi-directional AUDIO jack for recording HIGH QUALITY AUDIO into a Telecommunication Device, or for recording your voice information to tape. The AS-26 even provides you with “WINK” disconnect in one direction, to assure you of fast disconnect.

Download AS-26 User Manual (PDF)

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