The Power Stone | Phone Activated Remote Power Controller

The Power Stone | Phone Activated Remote Power Controller


The Power Stone reboots remote equipment by phone. Connect The Power Stone to on-site equipment and a phone line to gain complete power control anywhere you can place a phone call!

Saves Fuel & Labor Costs
Reduces Downtime
Protects Equipment & Saves Energy
Installs on Existing Phone Line

Product Description

When trouble arrives and critical equipment locks up at a remote site hours away, a quick fix is impossible. With The Power Stone, one phone call can reboot equipment, reduce downtime, and save money.

The Power Stone installs easily onto remote site equipment and allows you to reboot, toggle power, check current power status and past power outages. And, it’s as simple to use as a telephone.

The Power Stone allows you to control power to equipment with just a phone call. This eliminates costly, remote site service calls for locked up equipment. The Power Stone is a telephone activated remote AC power controller and can perform a variety of functions relating to the supply of 120VAC power to any connected equipment. It enables the user to power up, power down, or reboot remote equipment through a single phone line — automatically or manually — and does not need a dedicated phone line to operate. It can be installed on an existing line at the remote site.

Power Stone with connected router

Power Stone with connected router

Application Flexibility

The Power Stone has the flexibility to tackle the most demanding remote applications. Select from Automatic or Manual operations.

Automatic Operation

The Power Stone will control power automatically upon detecting the rings from an inbound call. Choose “Rings-to-trip” or “Constant on/off” settings:

Power on Call – The Power Stone supplies power during the call, then powers down two minutes after the call terminates.
Reboot – Detecting a call, The Power Stone interrupts power for 15 seconds, then supplies power again.
Toggle – With each incoming call, The Power Stone supplies or cuts power to the connected device.
Constant Mode – The Power Stone ignores call activity, and stays “constant on” or “constant off” until you manually change operation.

Manual Operation

Call in to The Power Stone from any touch tone phone to manually control power or change automatic settings. Audible read-back feature provides user with current power status or a past outage. Pass code protected.

Popular Reboot Applications

Out-of-Band Network Management
DSL Modems
Internet Kiosks
Voicemail Systems
SCADA Networks
Utility Substation

Key Benefits
Saves Fuel & Labor Costs– Pays for itself with one saved truck roll!
Reduces Downtime– One phone call can correct problem equipment in minutes
Protects Equipment & Saves Energy– Leave equipment “off” until needed. Reduces power consumption and hacker exposure
Installs on Existing Phone Line– For Out-of-Band AC power reset

Key Features
Fully Programmable– Control and program via touch-tones. No software or drivers to install.
Non-Volatile Memory– Preserves programming in power outage.
Audible Status Read-back– Get current and past power status
Automatic and Manual Control– Flexible for most applications
RJ11 Interface– Easy to install
120 VAC /15 Amp Rating– Handles demanding power applications
One Year Warranty

• Routers
• DSL Modems
• Automated Teller Machines
• Internet Kiosks
• Leased Telephone Systems
• Network Equipment
• Digital Video Recorders
• Voicemail Systems
• Equipment Under Service Warranty
• Out-of-Band Network Management

Download The Power Stone Data Sheet (PDF)

Download The Power Stone User Manual (PDF)

Remote Power Control Savings Calculator (Link)

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