MM-EN900LCD | Enspire 900VA Stand-By UPS with LCD

MM-EN900LCD | Enspire 900VA Stand-By UPS with LCD


The EN900LCD is a standby simulated sine wave desktop/floor/wallmount UPSs for servers, network devices, and phone systems. The Minuteman Enspire Series UPS offers standby protection and compact desktop/floor/wallmount profile perfect for a range of small to medium load applications. Equipment Protection Policy Up to $50k (Continental U.S. and Canada only).

Back-up time – Full load: 3 minutes
Back-up time – Half load: 11 minutes

• Economical Standby Protection Hardware Cost-effective surge and backup protection for small loads
• Versatile Connection Options 10 outlets to ensure a connection for all of your devices
• Compact, Wall-Mountable Case
• Tool-less, Hot-Swappable Battery Replacement
• USB Communications (HID Compliant) Enspire UPS USB connections are automatically recognized by Microsoft Windows (550/750/900 models)
• Single Line Phone / Fax / Network Protection The Enspire UPS provides a low cost means of protecting telephone/fax/network lines
• Independent Battery Bypass Provides surge and spike protection, even when batteries are weak or dead


Product Description

The Minuteman® EnSpire™ Series UPS is a low-cost high performance UPS line that provides the features needed to protect your valuable equipment. The MM-EN900LCD has 10 outlets, five provide battery support along with spike and surge protection and four with spike and surge protection only. In addition, all units have outlets which are specifically spaced to support transformer blocks.
The EnSpire MM-EN900LCD UPS has a small footprint and is uniquely designed with outlets on the top for placement on or under a desk or table and all models can be wall mounted. LCD front panel display provides clear, readable information about the UPS: Input voltage, output voltage, battery capacity (in percent capacity), estimated runtime, input frequency, AC normal, battery mode, UPS fault, overload, output frequency, weak/bad battery, alarm silence display, connected load consumption (in percent load).


EN900LCD Features

1. Battery and Surge Receptacles (4 / 5)
2. Surge-only Receptacles (4 / 5)
3. Network/Phone Surge Protection
4. USB Comm. Port (550/750/900)
5. Coax Surge
6. Input Power Cord
7. Input Breaker

EN900LCD Features


  • Desktop Computers
  • Standalone Servers
  • Network Switches, Hubs, and Peripherals
  • VoIP Communications
  • Telephone Systems
  • External Computer Accessories
  • Security Cameras and DVRs

Download MM-EN900LCD Data Sheet (PDF)

Download MM-EN900LCD User Guide (PDF)