Ring It! Pro Series | Phone Line Simulator w/ Caller ID


Ring It! Pro Series | Phone Line Simulator w/ Caller ID

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Two Line Central Office Simulator with CID

  • Caller-ID Signaling
  • Flexible Operation
  • Front Panel LED Display
  • 911 Dialing
  • External Audio Jack

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Product Description

RING-IT Pro-Series is a two line central office simulator that is designed for both professional and personal use. It can be used to test or demonstrate nearly any standard telephone, answering machine, fax unit, voice mail system, or data modem.

Affordable and easy-to-use, this versatile device can handle both voice or data calls. Just plug it into an AC power outlet and you’ll have instant dial tone to test or demonstrate your telephone devices. Due to its exceptionally clear talk path, you can be assured of high quality voice transmissions as well as high speed analog modem connections.

You will hear authentic dial tone, busy signals, and ringing. Even the most discriminating listener won’t be able to tell that the call is on a simulated phone line.

You can choose between five different test modes that allow standard telephone line emulation or special repetitive cycle testing, including automatic ring-up. An LED readout is used to display the digits that were dialed, which is a unique feature not found on other simulators. You can even customize Ring-It for special applications. Several parameters can be changed by dialing simple commands from a TouchTone telephone. But don’t worry, it can be used right out of the box without any additional steps.

The Emergency 911 dialing feature is ideal for use as a 911 number teaching aid. Dialing the emergency services number causes a special ring pattern and an “Emergency 911” message is sent to a Caller-ID box.

Caller-ID signaling is provided in number only and name/number formats. One of five pre-programmed sample names can be sent and the displayed directory number is easily chosen when you make the call. It even supports sending Out-of-Area, Blocked Call, and Corrupt/Defective Messages.

Flexible operation is provided by several different modes. Choose between standard central office emulation, automatic ring-down line, and other useful telephone line modes. Programmable settings include network response delay, CPC disable, high loop current, and more.

Front panel LED type display shows you the dialed phone number, as well as the mode of operation. Those other simulators keep youguessing, but with Ring-It you can verify that your equipment is dialing correctly.

Emergency 911 dialing is ideal for classroom training. Just add a couple of standard telephone sets and under your supervision, let the students practice dialing the 911 emergency number. Operator, 311, 411, 611, 711, and other popular phone company numbers are supported too.

External Audio Jack allows you to connect an amplified speaker system to broadcast the phone conversations to an audience, making Ring-It an ideal telco product demonstration system. You can also switch the audio direction and input external sounds from nearly any audio source (tape, CD player, radio, etc.).


Download Ring It Pro Series Data Sheet (PDF)

Download Ring It Pro Series User Manual (PDF)

    Technical Specifications

CONNECTIONS : Two RJ-11 Jacks (RJ-14 configuration)
TALK VOLTAGE : 28 VDC, current limited
RING VOLTAGE : 70-95 VAC, 20 Hz, Superimposed on DC
CALL PROGRESS : North American Busy, Ring, and Dial Tones
DIALING METHOD : DTMF (TouchTone) or Pulse (10 PPS)
FEATURE SETUP : DTMF Phone controlled
CLASS SUPPORT : FSK Caller-ID, BellCore and Stentor Formats
CALLER-ID SIGNAL : Single and Multiple Message Formats
CALLER-ID CODES : Out of Area, Call Blocked, Corrupt Message
CASE DIMENSIONS : 6” wide x 7” deep x 2” high
MAINS POWER : 120 VAC / 14 VAC 60 Hz Adapter Provided
ENVIRONMENTAL : 0°C to 40°C, 5%-80% non-condensing humidity

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