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24 May 2011

Project Roll-outs Made Easy

Multi-Link is currently providing The Stick Phone/Fax/Modem switch to installations companies involved in over 50 “roll outs’ of various Corporate and Government IT projects.

Installers have traditionally installed The Stick for remote polling of POS, Energy Management, Time & Attendance clocks, etc.  Be advised that many of the installations now involve inbound and outbound back-up access for remote service and more specifically, for outbound credit card transactions during network down time, as this insures and expedites the transaction.

With quality products, it is sometimes easy to forget the intangibles that can help ensure that your installation is complete before you leave the site. Here’s how we can help you:

  • Quick Start Installation Sheets – Speak with your Multi-Link representative and discuss your needs and requirements.  We will customize to your specs, print, and include in each shipped unit.
  • Factory Programming – Each installation project has unique requirements.We can program your units exactly to customer specs to meet the job requirements. This insures uniform performance and reduces time on-site.
  • Toll Free Technical Support – Before, during, or after your installation, if you have any questions or concerns, our technicians are available to assist between the hours of 8am – 5pm, M-F, EST.
  • Remote Diagnostics – Multi-Link products can be remotely diagnosed over the telephone line by our trained staff of technicians. If a programming change is required for a specific site, no problem…it takes one minute.
  • Free 30-Day Product Trial – For projects you’re involved in AND not using The Stick, remember that virtually every company is a potential prospect for line-sharing technology. Seeing is believing, so we provide products to qualified prospects to try out for 30 days.That’s an idea worth sharing.

Multi-Link sets itself apart from the rest with experience and project “know-how”. Let us help work with you to keep your staff productive and your customer happy.