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24 February 2016

Ready for the AT&T 2G Sunset? Upgrade to 3G before it’s too late!

As part of issuing its 10-Q filings with the SEC, AT&T Inc. formally announced its plan to sunset 2G technology: “We expect to fully discontinue service on our 2G networks by approximately January 1, 2017.”ATT.com (8/3/2012)

For many years, data services over the AT&T 2G cell network have been used in M2M applications such as Revenue Metering, Security Alarms, Digital Signage, Managed Network Services, SCADA, Environmental Monitoring, and more. But, with the imminent sunset of the AT&T 2G network, many M2M applications are facing certain interruption by the end of this year.

In fact, the AT&T 2G network shutdown is well on schedule to be completed by January 1, 2017.

To make the situation even more dire, AT&T may conclude that some markets or territories may need to decommission 2G services even sooner. Already, some of our customers have been given only a few weeks to either upgrade their network equipment or be left in the dark!

Fortunately, Multi-Link and USR offer a migration solution that can be quickly and easily deployed. The USR3510 3G Cellular Gateway is an ideal replacement for 2G modems:

USR3510 3G Cellular Gateway

USR3510 3G Cellular Gateway

  • Easy Replacement– The USR3510 3G Cell Gateway can usually be configured for the same functionality as the 2G modem or gateway being replaced. The USR3510 supports functionality common to most 2G gateways, allowing duplication of the 2G gateway’s required operation.
  • Backward Compatibility – System software that works with 2G cellular modems or gateways typically won’t need replacement when upgrading the devices to 3G.
  • Broad Coverage – Mature 3G networks provide cellular coverage nearly everywhere.
  • Flexible Installation – Embedded RJ45 Ethernet and RS-232, plus two more expansion slots such as WiFi, Industrial serial card, 4-port Ethernet.

Thankfully, the AT&T 2G network sunset does not affect everyone, but if you are among those that still need to upgrade, please act sooner than later. Don’t wait to implement a cost effective solution!

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