Remote Power Control Savings Calculator

When trouble arrives and critical equipment locks up at a remote site hours away, how much money does it cost your company?

Multi-Link’s remote power controllers help IT administrators improve device uptime, decrease problem response time, extend equipment life, and save travel, labor, & fuel costs. The Power Stone and IP Power Stone 4000 give IT departments multiple control options by internet browser, phone, auto fault detection, and daily event scheduling.

NEW! Powertxt Duo SMS Power Controller. Simple & Secure Remote Power Control by SMS Messaging. Control two devices–together or separately– over North American GSM network. No network access or IP address required.

Multi-Link remote power control products have delivered cost reductions reaching millions of dollars per year.

Reboot, restart, or shutdown power to devices in remote locations over a telephone line or an internet connection from anywhere in the world—avoiding the expense and time to visit remote sites while maintaining critical up-time.

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