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13 August 2012

Remote Power Controllers Help Kiosk Owners Improve Customer Service

The Problem

Convenience provided by self-service kiosks brings greater user demand on each unit.  Additionally, self-service kiosks are becoming more and more sophisticated to provide advertising space and even more personalized services. When your kiosk experiences a system lockup, your profits do as well.  A power outage or simple software crash can leave a kiosk inoperative until a service technician can arrive to diagnose the problem, most requiring a simple cycling of power. The bottom line: a non-functioning kiosk cannot provide revenue or service and will add to your repair costs. Installing an affordable remote power controller on site can be a inexpensive investment with a quick ROI.

Costs of Service:

Dispatching a technician, especially at off hours can be very expensive. Gas, vehicle wear and tear, and labor can easily result in service cost of $150/hour or more.

The Solution

With an increasing number of kiosks deployed in-band and out-of-band within network platforms, companies need reboot solutions using one or both methods—and Multi-Link has them. Multi-Link’s remote power controllers help network support technicians improve device uptime, increase problem response time, extend equipment life, and save travel, labor, and energy costs.

The Power Stone and the IP4000 give network operations centers multiple control options by browser, phone, auto fault detection, and weekly event scheduling.  Affordable yet invaluable, Multi-Link’s remote power controllers put your network assets back in your control. To find out how much money you can save by reducing service dispatches, try our savings calculator below:

Remote Power Control Savings Calculator (Link)