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16 February 2010

Remote Site Service Gets Costlier in ’09

As if the high cost of fuel weren’t enough…

In the 2009 Remote Product Service research project by The Aberdeen Group, the average cost per remote site service dispatch was $276 in 2009. This represents a a 32% increase from 2006.

Not surprisingly 50% of the research respondents, comprised of service and manufacturing professionals, were concerned with reducing service-related costs and preventing unplanned service dispatches. Customer satisfaction, however, does not take a backseat. Adding to cost concerns, companies are facing increased customer pressure to provide faster service, improved asset uptime, and better asset performance.

The top two objectives for cost management were 1) Improving diagnosis for better first time fixes; and 2) Reduce instances of unplanned service visits.

Excerpt: “While the cost of fuel has retreated from highs seen in 2008, cost containment associated with unnecessary dispatches is a key pressure for service and manufacturing firms. In fact, responding firms indicate that nearly 29% of all dispatches and truck rolls are for issues that could have either been resolved remotely or through other means negating the need for dispatch.”

It is one thing to monitor remote assets, but if you can’t make a fix chances are you are among that 29% group. If you are rolling a truck to a site just to perform a power fail to reset equipment, there is a better way. The Power Stone has saved the day for countless service technicians who would have otherwise have to head out to a site just to try a hard reboot on unresponsive equipment.

The Power Stone remote power controller can diagnose, reboot, or simply turn power off or on when needed—all by phone. The IP 4000 extends this capability with TCP/IP connectivity as well as auto fault detection. Considerably less than the cost of a one time truck roll, these two units can complement any and all remote monitoring systems and provide quicker response times and reduce service dispatches.

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