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12 March 2014

Schedule Daily Power Control Events with the IP Power Stone® 4000

One of the IP4000’s most useful features—remotely rebooting two outlets by browser—is sometimes never even used by the companies that deploy them. If equipment lock-ups are not a problem, the IP4000 can provide a benefit by allowing connected equipment to be powered up and down on a daily cycle.

IP4000 scheduled power control

For example, a digital signage content provider in the healthcare industry needed a way to ensure that a monitor and a video player were turned on in hundreds of doctors’ offices every morning and then off again after the work day. Depending on busy office workers, whose top priority is patient care, to carry out this task was proving to be unreliable and frustrating.

This problem was remedied with the IP4000’s auto-scheduling feature.

At each location, they plugged in a flat screen monitor and a video controller into the two outlets. They then used the daily scheduling feature to power up the equipment right before the office opened and off again after closing. This guaranteed that the equipment was operating during office hours only, delivering valuable content, reducing power consumption, and extending equipment life. In addition, the office workers were freed up to take care of their primary duties.

Adjustments to time scheduling can be made manually from remote admin and Daylight Savings Time changes are updated automatically.


* Improves productivity for equipment and personnel
* Minimizes power consumption and extends product life
* Hassle free operation—“Set it and forget it”

* Remotely reboot by web browser
* Auto-fault detection
* Schedule 20 separate power control events
* Remotely control two power outlets with Sequential Power Reset
* Small footprint, (5″W x 5″L x 1.5″H) for bundling/installation in control cabinets or where rack mounting is unavailable or unnecessary.
* Event Logging
* 100-250 VAC

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