Out-of-Band Access

Polnet ACP has been upgraded to ACP Series 2.0 Out-of-Band Network Switch & Call Router

The current revision (Rev. E) of the Polnet ACP series will no longer be in production as of 8/31/12. Current ACP models (ACP-3, ACP-5, & ACP-9) can be purchased up to August 31st, 2012 OR until stock is depleted. Inventory is in limited supply and therefore is on a first come, first serve basis. Standard warranty and service policies remain in effect as usual.

Multi-Link Generates Savings For Utilities with the ACP 2.0

Multi-Link devices have been an integral part of substation communications for over 15 years. Thousands of our devices are used by over 100 electric and gas utility companies to provide reliable communications with meters, power quality monitors, and relays.

Coming to a theater near you…a Stick?

As is evident in other industries, many times broadband access is not a financially viable solution for movie theaters given the upfront equipment cost and monthly service expenses