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10 June 2015

The ACP 2.0 – Take this into your next budget meeting…

Over 300 Chain Store and Restaurant operators are saving $600-$1,200 per location every year by using Multi-Link’s ACP Series 2.0 to cut costly phone lines.

The ACP 2.0 Business-grade Telephony Switch allows multiple phone devices (3, 5, or 9) to share a single line, allowing you to cut lines and cut costs. Eliminating just ONE line, with a national average cost of $50 per month, results in a $600 annual savings for one location.  Cutting two or more lines can quicken the return on your investment even more. Take quick look at our savings chart below to see how fast the savings add up:

Multi-Link LineSharing Savings Chart

Multi-Link Line Sharing Savings Chart

The ACP Series 2.0 allows a wide range of phone equipment to share a single telephone line for remote access, polling, and normal in/outbound transactions, e.g. POS systems, Energy Management, Time & Attendance, Fax Machines, Postage Meters, and Lighting Controls.

ACP-500 Basic Application

ACP-500 Basic Application

An added value is providing secure “Out-of-Band” network access to remote IT assets by way of dial-up modems. Hacker Shield Protection locks down each device port with a user defined Security Access Code. Vulnerable pathways to equipment via the PSTN are protected by programmable Security Access Codes up to seven characters. There are over 35 million combinations to choose from, effectively creating a telephony firewall for dial-up connections. This feature also serves to isolate vendor equipment from the core IP network so a “pivot attack”, like the one used in the Target Corporation hack, is avoided.

The ACP 2.0 easily installs on a phone line and does not require software, drivers, or the “network guy” to program. This is a low cost, no maintenance solution that can be quickly implemented. The ACP 2.0 provides a typical R.O.I of 3 months or less.

Try our Phone Line Cost Savings Calculator and see how much you can save. Start today and you could be saving money as soon as next quarter. Email marketing@multi-link.net for more info.

Download The ACP Series 2.0 Data Sheet (PDF)

Download ACP Series 2.0 User Manual (PDF)