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28 March 2012

The Stick enables phone, fax, and modems to share ONE telephone line.

The Stick (STK29112) routes any incoming analog signal to the correct telephony device. With four available ports, a wide variety of devices can be attached to the Stick including  voice lines, fax machines, modems, or important business applications like credit card or PoS terminals. Devices will be detected and routed correctly and with barge in protection — uninterrupted.  This line sharing device can be programmed via an attached phone, or remotely. With the need for only one phone line, costs can be drastically reduced with a ROI within months, not years.
Phone Line Cost Savings Calculator (Link)

The Stick Fax Switch Basic Installation

The Stick Fax Switch Basic Installation

Customer Benefits

  1. Plug and Play installation, no software installation or firmware upgrades
  2. Eliminate unnecessary phone lines, save up to $600/year*
  3. Pays for itself in 3 months with just 1 line reduction
  4. Add new equipment without paying for additional telephone lines
  5. Program the device via the keypad, add security access codes or even program remotely by phone
  6. Non-volatile memory means no reprogramming after a power outage
  7. Barge-in protection prevents active calls from being interrupted by another device

* Amount based off $50 per month average phone line charge


  • Out-of-Band Network Access
  • Energy Management Controls
  • Point-of-Sale System Integration
  • Modem Polling
  • Fuel Tank Monitoring
  • Automated Meter Reading
  • Small/Home Office
  • Service Port Access
  • Remote Equipment Maintenance

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