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07 October 2010

The Stick: FAQ Highlights

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding The Stick Phone Linesharing Switch (STK29112):

The STICK Questions and Answers

Question: Is THE STICK compatible with phone company Voice Mail and/or Call Forwarding services?

Answer: Since the STICK must always “answer” the ring from the phone company to do its job, there will never be an un-answered call situation which means that the only time a message will be taken by the phone company VM will be when the line is already busy and another party tries to call the number. This can be of benefit to some people if they frequently occupy the line for lengthy periods. An on-site answering machine will be necessary to take messages when you can’t answer.

Question: How can I make Caller ID work with the STICK?

Answer: You must delay the STICK to answer after the phone company sends the CID data packet, between the 1st and 2nd ring from the phone company. See programming instructions in the User Manual and set “Rings To Answer” option register 14 to value of 2.

Question: How do I program the STICK?

Answer: Specific instructions are provided in the User Manual. It explains commands and responses. Tip: When entering a command to change the value in a register, enter the 2 digit register # followed immediately by the data to be entered. Examples; set Register 14 to 2 (enter 142), set register 13 to #345 (enter 13#345).

Question: All incoming calls, including Fax & Modem, ring on the telephone. What’s wrong?

Answer: Either you have lost power to the STICK (check that LED is glowing red) or the program options in the STICK may have gotten “scrambled” by a power glitch causing the STICK not to answer. In the first case, confirm your power source. In the second case, see the User Manual and reset the options to Factory Presets, then re-program any custom settings you may have had, i.e. CID ring to answer delay.

Question: Some FAX calls ring to my phones while others are received by the FAX machine directly. What’s wrong?

Answer: The FAX calls that are ringing on your phone are probably being initiated by the sender in a manual way, which will not have the CNG tone necessary for automatic routing and reception. The sender must either initiate their call in a way that will generate the CNG tone or you will need to enter the *2 Security Access code on your phone to transfer the call to your Fax machine. Another reason some FAX calls ring to my phones while others are received by the FAX machine directly is some equipment used for sending FAX’s may not be able to emit the CNG signal. They must then use the correct access stream as shown in the User Manual to direct the call to the FAX port with the Security Access Code, i.e. 555-666-777,,*2,,*2.

Question: Can I connect more than 1 modem to the STICK?

Answer: Yes. Generally, any analog telephony equipment can be attached to any device port as desired to meet individual needs.

Question: I am only sharing this line for Fax and Modem type equipment with no inbound voice calls. What is the best installation configuration?

Answer: Recommend connecting the FAX to Voice 1 and change option register “01” to value of “0”. This will let all FAX calls, with and without CNG tone, find the FAX machine. The Fax port can be used for any other equipment, including a phone for outbound calls.

Question: Can I program the STICK from a remote location?

Answer: Yes, but you must have someone at the STICK location initiate a call to you from a phone attached to the STICK. After you answer, with the caller on the line, programming codes can be entered from either location.

Question: The light (LED) on the STICK blinks. What does it mean?

Answer: The blink pattern indicates which device port is active (off-hook or ring). A single blink for voice port, double blink for fax port, and triple blink for modem port.

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