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03 November 2010

The Stick Reduces Costs for KSU/PBX Installations

Many businesses are facing a financial quandary when they have maxed out the number of extensions and expansion cards on their phone systems: “How to add new telephony equipment with no money to expand or upgrade the current KSU or PBX?”

One solution is a line sharing switch. Multi-Link’s line sharing portfolio (The Stick, Polnet ACP and Versa-Link ATX 250) allows customers to consolidate various devices onto a single standard telephone line, reducing the number of lines needed to support the business. At an average yearly cost of $600 per phone line subscription, Multi-link’s line sharing products have delivered cost reductions reaching millions of dollars per year.

It is also important to note that even with VoIP systems, there are an initial up-front costs for replacing legacy analog faxes, modems, etc. that can be prohibitive. By retaining a few analog lines and installing an analog line sharing switch, these costs can be avoided, or at least deferred until a time when these expenses can be justified. Many small branch deployments of IP telephony require analog interfaces, or analog phone gateways, for connectivity to the PSTN, fax machines, security systems, analog phones, and other analog devices. At $300-$500 for just two analog ports, it makes sense to use a line sharing switch to expand the number of analog devices that can connect through the gateway, rather than add more ports.

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