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18 November 2010

There has never been a better time to switch to Multi-Link!

Are you looking for a dependable source for Phone Line Sharing products?

Whether you are looking for a fax switch, a phone switch, a phone splitter or any other form of POTS line sharing device, Multi-Link has the product you need.

Multi-Link’s line sharing portfolio (The Stick, ACP, SR-3, and Versa-Link ATX 250) allows you to consolidate multiple telephony devices onto a single standard telephone line, reducing the number of lines needed to support the business and the related monthly phone line subscription costs. At an average yearly cost of $600 per phone line subscription, Multi-link’s line sharing products have delivered cost reductions reaching millions of dollars per year.

The Stick (STK29112) is Multi-Link’s best selling line sharing device that screens and automatically routes all voice, fax, and modem calls to the right equipment every time — eliminating the need for costly dedicated phone lines. The Stick works on a standard analog phone line and is programmed by touch tones from a telephone keypad.  DSL and CID compatible.  Proprietary “Bell Spec” ringback technology.  Share 3 devices with 1 line.

The Polnet ACP (ACP-3, 5, 9) is an industrial grade line sharing device (3,5,9) that actively answers, screens, and routes all voice, fax, and modem calls to the right equipment every time—eliminating the need for costly dedicated phone lines. The ACP has additional security and programming features that make it ideal for IT applications and critical data acquisition.  DSL compatible.  Share up to 9 devices with 1 line.

The ATX-250 (VersaLink) call processor is a versatile line sharing device that routes incoming phone calls based on the “Distinctive Ring” service from the local telco.  Routes up to two phone numbers on one phone line.  Also routes automatically with active fax detection. DSL and CID compatible. Share 2 devices with 1 line.

The SR-3 Selective Ring Router saves money by eliminating unnecessary phone lines. The SR-3 routes up to three numbers per line.  It installs on a standard POTS line and does not go “off hook” to screen but routes to the appropriate port based on the signature ring pattern for each phone number assigned to a single phone line. The primary phone number routes to port one, secondary number to port two, etc. Multi-Link’s “Smartware™” technology eliminates any user programming by automatically learning the ring cadence. Operation is totally automatic. The barge-in protection feature is optional. Outbound calls are processed in the normal fashion.

Multi-Link Replacement Products for Command Communications

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