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25 June 2010

Top 5 Benefits of Remote Site Management Tools

It’s mid-2010 and businesses across all industries are confronted with a new reality: shrinking budgets, personnel cuts, reduced revenue, and rising operational costs.

For companies challenged with maintaining remote site assets (network, telecom, mechanical), the pain is even more acute. Dispatching service workers on-site frequently puts maintenance staff out of contact for hours at a time, frequently at expensive overtime labor rates. The average cost per service dispatch was $276 in 2009.

To answer this challenge, companies across the world are employing remote management tools that monitor, alert, and troubleshoot automatically. Here are the Top 5 Benefits of Remote Site Management Tools:

1) Reduced Downtime: Minutes vs. Hours. Some tools can detect failure and execute reboot/fix autonomously, without engaging support from personnel.

2) Reduced Site Visits, or Truck Rolls:
Driving to the remote site is the biggest time waster. Paying $276 for an engineer just to reboot a router is a crime. And then there’s the fuel cost.

3) Increased Customer Satisfaction: Faster service, improved asset uptime, and better asset performance all contribute to SLA covenant compliance. And that makes for a happy customer.

4) Prepares Support Personnel for On-site Visits: In case remote resolution was not achievable, remote management tools can at least provide diagnostic data to the support crew, ensuring that the right hardware and tools are brought to the site for a successful first time fix.

5) Immediate R.O.I: Remote site management tools can pay for themselves by eliminating the time, labor, and fuel costs for just one site visit.

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