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16 March 2012

Two Outlet Remote Reboot Power Controller | IP4000

Easily control AC power to remote site equipment with the IP Power Stone® 4000 Remote Reboot Power Controller. The IP4000 is an affordable and cost effective way to troubleshoot from the operations center, or even from a Smartphone.


IP Power Stone 4000

The primary feature of the IP4000 is continuous auto-fault detection. The automatic monitoring feature pings up to six IP addresses and when connectivity failure is detected, it will automatically reboot one or both power outlets, typically connected to routers or modems. The Sequential Power Reset feature activates equipment in the correct order for optimal and consistent results. All without “Help Desk” intervention or a service truck roll.

Remote Power Control Savings Calculator (Link)

If equipment lock-ups are not a problem, the IP Power Stone can provide an additional benefit by allowing equipment to be powered up only when needed. Schedule up to 20 power function events assignable to one or both outlets. Power consumption is thereby reduced, equipment life is extended, and exposure to malicious hacker threats is minimized.

  • Via web browser
  • Via Weekly Scheduling – up to 20 schedules
  • Via Auto-Pinging LAN or WAN IP
  • Saves money by eliminating costly remote site visits
  • Reduces equipment downtime
  • Improves productivity
  • Minimizes power consumption and extends product life
More information:

Go to IP4000 Product Page (Link)